• AVG 15 (15/18 m)
  • AVG OPEN (18m and more 2 pcs wing)
  • AVM DUO (two seater glider)
  • TAURUS motoglider (aluminium cover)
  • PW-6, FOX (two seater glider)
  • Other types

Standard trailer configuration:

  • chassis made from aluminium
  • composite cover
  • axle with brakes (AL-KO or KNOTT)
  • automatic back-up release with hitch (AL-KO or KNOTT)
  •  V-type or 70x70x5 tow bar (AL-KO or KNOTT)
  • floor from waterproof plywood
  • 2+1wheels 155R13 (AVG15), 175R14C (AVM DUO)
  • special box inside for tools
  • standard lights (acc. to EC or USA or Australia)
  • ramp (2 rails) with hand-operated lift
  • fitting for fixing the main gliders part

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