We have been on the market since 1997 and during that time has produced nearly 350 trailers. We have produced many types of trailers ranging from trailers to transport small ultralight aircraft to type that can accommodate the powered glider Stemme S-10.

Being the trailer AVIONIC you’re always ready to fly. Driving to the airport is a pleasure, because your trailer consistently holds the road well, whether loaded or empty. The large opening angle of the lid and slim loading mechanism allows fast and efficient loading of the glider and its parts. Glider stored in the trailer is safe; He did not threaten any damage or destruction.

Trailer AVIONIC also provides you with independence, because sooner soar when you pull equipment from the trailer than the club hangar. Very good quality used parts guarantees long-term usage trailer AVIONIC. All steel parts are galvanized and protected against corrosion. Composite covers are coated with gelcoat and aluminum covers are painted with acrylic lacquer. Main components driving the production of AL-KO Kober (axle with brakes, shaft) are certified throughout the world, which allows registration of trailers on all continents.

In September 2003, we have partnered with the German company Extra Flugzeugebau GmbH, which organized training for our employees. Since November 2003 we introduced gradually to the production of new parts EXTRA 300 aircraft.

In May 2004, the Civil Aviation Authority said AVIONIC production organization approval certificate according to JAR 21 Subpart G. In April 2006, the CAO has granted AVIONIC production organization approval certificate PART 21 Subpart G.

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